Aplan Application


Life today is dominated by a new type of noise, one not defined by volume but by distortion. Navigating this landscape of disruptive information can be a cinematic experience. If we embed ourselves within the noise in a positive way, we can control our image; deciding what is real and revealed, or what constructed and concealed. Clothing bodies under these conditions becomes a profound expression of self-determination.

Formal restraint does not mean limiting the power of the individual. It means foregrounding personality, creativity and intellect. It means letting clothing create a supporting context for expression, joy and whim. The wardrobe for our era of random noise is liberating.

All uniforms are expressions of power. The highest form is the personal uniform, which is an expression of power over yourself. It is the certainty that comes from knowing yourself, and trusting your taste.

A Plan Application is a range of meticulous clothes, each designed for a particular purpose to achieve a given result. This specificity doesn’t restrict application. They are at the service of the wearer to intepret, personalise, adapt and deploy.

“You should see the person first, not their clothes. Then, when you look closer, you should see the beauty of the details, the quality of the material, and the skill of the construction. This understated elegance is the sign of a confident person.”

“To be simple is not to be simplistic. To be complex is not to be complicated. To achieve simplicity is a complex task.”